The first step to proper wound management is the correct assessment of the wound and the state of the patient. This assessment helps you establish the right treatment measures and wound treatment products for the wound type. There are many different types of advanced wound care products that, when applied early in the treatment process, reduce the risk of infection and promote faster healing.

Some of the common services involved in advanced wound care include:

  • Thorough wound and health assessment to help with diagnosis of the problem and establishment of an appropriate treatment plan
    Aggressive wound treatment to eliminate infected, damaged, or dead tissue from the wound site to optimize healing
  • Use of advanced wound care treatment options such as bioengineered skin substitutes, negative pressure wound therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote faster healing
  • Access to specialty care from surgeons (general, plastic, or vascular), podiatrists, physical therapists, hyperbaric medicine specialists, nutritionists, nurse educators, etc.
  • Personalized patient education about wound prevention and care, diet and nutrition, circulatory problems, diabetes, and other conditions that affect healing


There are many different types of wounds that usually require special care. The most common ones include:

  • Traumatic wounds: They include cuts, tears, and punctures that arise when your body comes in sudden contact with an external force
  • Surgical wounds: These are the result of invasive surgical procedures
  • Arterial wounds: Reduced blood pressure in the arteries can cause ischemia, which subsequently leads to ulceration at the ischemic area
  • Venous wounds: Wounds occurring in your legs caused by body pooling on the surface of your skin due to compromised venous return
  • Diabetic wounds: Refer to damage that occurs on the skin due to diabetic neuropathy or circulatory issues, such as foot ulcers
    Pressure ulcers: Non-stop irritation, pressure, or both over a bony area can lead to ulcers, especially in the hips, back, heels and lower legs. These are caused when the pressure cuts off (or compromises) blood supply to the skin and tissues around certain areas, like when you have limited mobility (bed or wheelchair-bound)
  • Radiation wounds: Wounds arising in a previously irradiated area due to cancer treatment

Matching the Appropriate Wound Care Product to the Type of Wound

Treating a chronic wound requires to accurately match the right wound dressing (alginates, foams, hydrogels, or hydrocolloids) and other wound care products to promote the body’s natural healing process, encourage new tissue formation, and speed up healing and recovery.

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