Acute Wounds

Different Types and Etiologies of Acute Wounds

A wound is a kind of injury that either leaves a cut in the skin, tears the skin, or punctures it. These types of injuries occur rather rapidly. Sometimes, blunt force trauma on the body can cause a contusion or bruise that is also known as a closed wound. These types of wounds result in a damaged epidermis of the skin and are caused by a sharp injury. Getting an open wound at some point in life is a common trait of everyone on this earth. Usually, open wounds can be treated at home as most of them are minor and do not need to be treated in a hospital. Falling from stairs, being involved in a minor car accident, and encounters with sharp objects like knife, etc., are the leading causes that someone gets an open wound. However, if you end up in a serious accident and there is a major loss of blood, you should immediately seek professional help and should be rushed to a hospital to minimize the damage and loss of blood.

Types and Etiologies of Wounds

Open wounds can be classified as gunshot wounds, puncture wounds, penetration wounds, abrasions, avulsions, lacerations, and incisions.

Due to the spread and growth of microbes and pathogenic organisms around and in the wound, there can be wound infections. These infectious bodies disturb the immune system of the body and can slow the healing process. These infections can also damage the tissues around the wound and cause inflammation that can be painful. So, it is important that when you get a wound, either a minor or a major one, you take necessary measures to treat it and prevent unnecessary trouble.

Major Types of Acute Open Wounds

• Laceration
A laceration can be identified as a tear or a cut in the skin. People encounter accidents with a number of objects and machines on a daily basis and most of the time, these objects and machines can tear their skin or leave a deep cut in the skin. In this case, you can face extensive and rapid bleeding and might need the help of a professional health care worker.

• Abrasion
You usually get an abrasion when you fall and scrape your skin against a hard and rough surface. In these types of wounds, there is hardly any loss of blood, however, these wounds can lead to infections. So, to avoid these harmful infections that can further lead to serious health problems, you should get it cleaned and disinfected.

• Avulsion
In an avulsion, your skin and the tissues underneath undergo a complete or partial tearing. People usually get these types of wounds when they are involved in severe accidents like gunshots, car accidents, and explosions. In these wounds, there can be a major loss of blood and hence, the person requires immediate help.

• Puncture
Needles or nails are usually the major cause of puncture wounds as they can cause a small hole in the skin as they are pointy and sharp. Sometimes, a puncture wound can also be caused by a bullet. There might not be a lot of blood loss, but these wounds have the potential of resulting in a serious internal injury as in damaged internal organs. You might also need to visit your doctor to get it disinfected and treated.

Open Wound Healing Process

The open wound healing process mainly includes four stages and that are prevention of loss of blood, also known as hemostasis, scabbing and disinfection, repair and growth, and maturation. Depending on the condition, type, and etiology of the wound, it can take from a couple of days to several weeks for the wound to properly heal. Until and unless, you take proper care of the damaged skin area, there are chances that the problem might aggravate so, it is always better that you take appropriate measures to prevent any kind of serious health issue.


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